Climate change, the food pyramid, nicotine, HIV, agent orange, mental disorders, OxyContin, autism, diabetes, obesity. The flat earth, the sun revolving around the earth, human sacrifice and the Catholic Church offering to absolve sin in exchange for riches and power. All of these scams either were or are currently incentivized. If there is no problem, then there is no work or research, with no work or research, there is no money to be made. The church used to have all of the power, but with the perceived enlightenment that the internet and videos provide, the need to read books or remain critical is quickly being thrown out. Science has replaced the church as the source of influence over the masses. Both the church and science are practiced by corrupt people, there are many examples throughout history and present time.

Just as the Aztecs practiced human sacrifice to honor their gods and to control the seasons and climate, the church persecuted and prosecuted an entire continent for hundreds of years, the puritans burned witches at the stake and African cannibals devoured their enemies and considered eating children a delicacy. In every culture and on every piece of land that has been inhabited by humans, there has been insanity, calamity and evil. Yet for some strange reason we think that we have outgrown these savage traits. People everywhere hate bullies, however; tell someone that you do not believe in climate change and they will bully you into giving into their ideology. The climate changes, and we humans might own a fraction of that, yet as the volcanoes in Hawaii continue to spew tons of lava a second, this also cannot be good for the atmosphere.

The lava, the storms and the earthquakes do not care about our money or our science. We cannot control the earth as we cannot control the grass in our own backyard. Today the church of science is the powerbroker. Science yields influence and influence yields money. Believe what you want and allow others to believe what they want. You are either an individual or you are a faceless zombie in the crowd. You cannot be both, you can only choose one. If you are an individual you are priceless, if you are a body in the crowd then you are worthless.

Choose your convictions wisely, as history has shown us, the popular choice is often the wrong choice.

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