“Based on True Events”

What exactly is the democrat’s message and can they stand on their own, or do they beseech their past champions based on current atmospheres. Today, 74 years ago D-Day commenced, both boys and men stormed the beaches at Normandy. The Rangers literally ascended Pointe Du Hoc while the Nazis fired down from the cliff at them, tossed grenades and did everything in their power to halt the Rangers advance. The assault to gain a foothold on the beach was grizzly. At low tide the Allies invaded, they had to fight through waist deep wet sand and mud, all while the Nazis had them fixed, they fired belt fed machine guns and bombed the allied assault from elevated bunkers. The men and women who fought in World War Two, fought through a massacre on all three fronts, Europe, the Pacific and Africa. These men and women fought for their battle buddies to their left and right, they fought for their families back home and more importantly, they fought for the future survival of America.

So, today the “news” is filled with gossip pieces concerning extra marital affairs and whatever else they think draws ratings. Last year the “resistance” wanted to erase all of the Confederate statues that dotted our country and reminded us of what can happen if we ever allow ourselves to be so divided again. This year it seems that the suicide ideation known as #metoo is furthering that same narrative. From Weinstein, to Cosby, Louie, and many others, all who pulled the party line of the Democrats for generations. Yesterday it seems that President Clinton was dragged into this quagmire, it is rather funny to watch, but does it really mean anything? If you look back into history, during the 1940s Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president during WWII, yet for some reason he is hailed as a hero both for WWII, but also for “The New Deal” and Social Security. Many leftists hail FDR as one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history, since apparently Social Security allows seniors to retire with “dignity”. Yet for some reason, the same die-hard democrats seem to forget that he was also the U.S. President that locked up the Japanese Americans in Internment Camps.

For some reason, the blame for this atrocity has been blamed on “old white men” again, another slander against a single group, for the actions of a democrat. The democrats are the party of Jim Crow, they are the party of the KKK, they are the party that created the welfare state (LBJ, “The Great Society”). Now with the debacle of the #metoo movement, rich and powerful actresses everywhere are getting their time in the spotlight once again, for these elite millionaires and billionaires, now they get handed work, no merit, simply perceived “victimhood”. Before President Trump, not a single democrat cared about Bill Clinton’s criminal behavior, no one cared about Weinstein, no democrats cared, they couldn’t care less about anything, except winning and remaining in power.

I ask, why do the democrats always get a pass, why are their horrible actions and policies always pushed to the right. The Board of Education and Hollywood is in compliance with all of these lies. Ask any child today on why the Civil War was fought, even though Nazi is an acronym for National Socialist, for some reason it is aligned with republicans and the right. The teachers of today strike for better wages, yet they spread lies and attempt to brainwash our children. Hollywood and virtually all media take part in the same psyop on American history. There is a famous saying, “If you want to hide something, write it in a book”. The more we desire “fun” learning environments and “based on true events” movies and television shows to educate not only our children, but us as well, the greater the risk of history repeating itself.

We must talk to one another, freely and openly. We must know what has taken place before to get us to where we are now. During WWII sports athletes, actors and actresses fought alongside the regulars. Back then, we were all in it together. It was serious and everyone took it seriously. Real evil was attempting global domination. Today, that evil is still present, however; today, it is subtler, and if we continue this mudslinging between left and right, the politicians will win, at our loss.

If the democrats were the party of the Civil Rights Movement back in the 1960s, then why did President John F. Kennedy and President Lyndon B. Johnson use the IRS and the FBI to not only harass Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but also attempt to kill that same movement. President Reagan decreed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Not a single democrat voted in favor of the Civil Rights in the 1960s. The Republicans and the Democrats never switched sides, again another lie from the state funded Board of Education and Hollywood.

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