Colors and Classes Versus Penises and Vaginas

The difference between colors/classes and penises/vaginas has been weaponized to divide us into separate containers which makes it easier to store us in an organized manner and use us as tools to win in everything from elections to businesses. You are either a man or a woman, the defining factor which is easily seen are the penis or the vagina. The X and the Y chromosome will differentiate between the two while the baby grows in the womb. Very cut and dry and incredibly impactful on the life of every person in the world from conception to birth until death.

Colors and classes are man-made attempts at synthetic differences that empower the “organizers” to convince us that we are different and we must be mortal enemies. Like in the “Highlander” movies, they always cry out, “There can be only one”. The classes in America have been simplified and categorized into the following: below/poverty level, middle class and rich. The funny thing is that in America, all of these classes seem to have the same “staples” of American/First World gadgets and tools. From smart phones to flat screen televisions, automobiles and the internet. If the class system was an accurate representation of what is real and defining, then it would seem that many would not have the “toys” that everyone else has. We have become enamored and obsessed to own what our neighbors own.

The price of cars, homes and phones has risen drastically in the past decade.  The companies that produce these gadgets and machines know that regardless of price, their product will sell. Trucks used to be utilitarian, now they are luxurious. Phones used to be boring, now they are highly desired and priced according to the interest that they generate, etc. etc. etc. The list of materials has grown and their price tag has grown as well. The class ideology is a farce, meant to confuse and provide a false sense of intelligence whenever someone regurgitates the same talking points, decade after decade.

The difference in color is only that, some are black, others are white, brown and yellow. If we chose to follow the trail of breadcrumbs into the sea, we will all drown in our own despair and hate for one another. The companionship between a man and a woman is what plants love and enables us to continue on. Love like justice should be practiced blindly. It’s the only honest aspect that can bring us together in a holistic approach.

We are our own worst enemy, if we refuse to go throughout our day in a conscious state, we will be the end of what our ancestors worked so hard to create for us today.

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