Fruit Cup

From “epidemics” to delicacies, as societies and peoples separated by location, but also by climate, do we really know what we have been changing only in recent times? No matter what you see, we are always lectured about the current “epidemics” that plague our society. From autism, to suicide, obesity and diabetes, “gun” violence and sexual harassment, etc. etc. etc. These first world problems keep holding us back from true happiness, but then again, how can anyone measure happiness? When my father took me on my first squirrel hunting trip, I remember, he told me that we only eat squirrel after the first frost. If we were to eat them prior to the first frost, the probability of finding worms in the body was very likely. If we found worms when we were skinning the squirrels, we would throw them away. We respect all of the animals we hunted and ate, tossing the carcass is disrespect. Like fruit, vegetables and many other foods and animals, there is a science behind the seasons of when they are appropriate and safe to eat. Yet for some reason, we demand what we want, regardless of the season.

Clementines used to be a winter delicacy, the majority of our fruits, vegetables and meats came from within our own region. There were a few exotic foods, but they were usually in very short supply or a special order for a specific customer. Things such as bananas, mangos, avocados, and many others that today have become staples, used to be special and appreciated. The Hawaiian Islands, have become a breeding ground for diabetes and obesity as has much of if not all first world countries. I wonder, with our differing DNA and ancestry, if our bodies are different based on where our ancestors came from? Take for instance, Central America, bananas, cocoa beans and mangos grow there naturally, they have for thousands of years. The people from those lands have been eating those foods for a millennium, yet for us, they only have been introduced to the general public in recent times. Pineapple from Hawaii, at one time was considered special and exotic, but now you can find it at 2:00 a.m. at your local Walmart.

There seem to be all of these epidemics as of late. Real injury and illness is now being roped in with self-inflicted ailments such as opioids, depression and whatever else can be labeled in an effort for more tax funded research. Truly, only within the past 80 years has this “experiment” begun on the human race. Can we eat all of these foods from faraway lands on a daily basis, with no risk of adverse side effects? Why have the delicacies of the past years suddenly become everyday dishes? If you listen to the “news” people everywhere are “unhappy” or depressed, with all of this excess in everyday living, how can anyone be unhappy? Suicide awareness has been brought to the forefront again, well ever since another celebrity offed themselves. Possibly we are lost with all of our wants met, while we forget how to sustain our needs. Fruits and vegetables, but from where and how long did they travel to get to my stomach? Homemade applesauce has been replaced with cooperate fruit cup, what’s with all of the ingredients?

There was a time when your grandmother or grandfather knew a home remedy to cure what ailed you. But, once we threw them in the “retirement” community, we haven’t heard from them since. Meanwhile, we have attempted to replace our small community with the global community and now we keep on running into these “roadblocks”, maybe we forgot how to take care of our own. The passive aggressive nature of fixing the world or making the world a better place is a mere silent coup against you and me.

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