Baby Killers

When the troops returned from Vietnam, they were met with vitriol, malice and terrorism. They were spit on, called “baby killers” assaulted and accosted. The veterans of Vietnam were slandered back then and even today. Why else would the idea of a Vietnam veteran conjure up images of an alcoholic, drug addicted, homeless miscreant? The criminals back then were the hippies, the politicians were their slaves, and the idea that the cultural and sexual “revolution” of the time was worth more than the Americans returning from a war. Those hippies have become the leaders, shareholders and stakeholders of today. Universities, academies and schools now churn out the same message to our children. Their ideology is the west is horrible, they spew lies about the west ruining poorer countries. They also refer to our founders as conquerors and the natives as the victims of white genocide and violence. They refer to us as xenophobes and every other ism, ic or slander they can create to label us the criminals of the world.

Funny how the term “baby killer” has been now used against those same hippies of yesteryear. If you refer to someone as a baby killer now, more often than not you are speaking of abortion. Abortion, however; with their supporters refers to mental gymnastics, litigation, legislation and “science” only translates to “cells” which in fact are living. When they hear the term “baby killer” suddenly, they seek to hide from the “right”. They say that it is a woman’s right to receive an abortion, with no consideration for the infant, who has no voice, so in their mind, has no rights, much less the right to live.

They scream and shrill during history lessons, referring to their idea of a white genocide or white violence. Removing and killing the natives that inhabited the land. Yet the Cherokee, killed off the other tribes to conquer their land, and so on and so on. They are conquering us, through our children. They kill their unborn children and they attempt to brainwash our children. They cannot succeed on their own merits, they are vampires that jump from host to host, only to continue their gruesome feeding frenzy.

Perhaps the Native Americans were xenophobes, by the logic of today. The same people who spit on our returning service member are now legislating tax funded baby killings. So, who were and who are the true baby killers?

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