Pollsters and the Media

The last U.S. President and the last election cycle should have solidified our idea of honest reporting and unbiased pollsters. I believe it did, so much so that neither have recovered yet. If they expect me to even trust a fraction of what they are reporting, then they must execute the same criticism on all parties, and all administrations. When President Obama was in office, we were constantly lectured on any criticism or doubt of his authenticity was racist. During President Trump’s term so far, we are continually lectured on how he is the very definition of every slander in the book and then some. The polls, I don’t know how they are still in business since their 2016 catastrophic defeat. The polls and the news got everything wrong. Used to be the weather forecast was the only aspect of local and national news that was always prefaced with the caveat of “possibility”. However; since the favored candidate of the pollsters and the “news” lost the 2016 election, instead of attempting to publish the truth, all they do is continue to dig their own “graves”.

I do not trust any news, right or left, the polls are slanted and have been for generations. Both have been weaponized to not only intimidate, but also challenge our values and beliefs. We pay taxes and we are United States citizens, these two simple facts outweigh all of the spin and misinformation that they throw at us, in an attempt to confuse and sway our votes. The media, in chorus with the “swamp” only wish to see us enslaved on their every word and their opinion pieces. Neither mirror the population, and neither care. All they desire is their influence and power respected, without question.

Instead of voting online, we must demand our right to vote be upheld. We must vote, physically in person at the designated voting booth in our locality. The internet is no place to vote, if our votes become cyber, then how will we know that our vote counted? The paper vote, is just as powerful as our feet and money. The media and the pollsters want our vote to be virtual, in the cyber world, it is much easier to avoid transparency. If the Chinese and other hackers can defeat our supercomputers, then what makes us think that our solemn vote will be safe?

The current pollsters and the media are the enemies of our free society, go against either and they will vandalize your permanent record as a deplorable, low information or an enemy of the state. They will do everything in their power to delegitimize your vote. They are the illegitimate freeloaders that deprive the rest of us of the oxygen that they steal to lie and cause panic.

Question everything, do not believe what you are told. If you cannot prove it for yourself, then more than likely it is propaganda and psychological warfare.

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