We Ain’t Doing S***

The border and restaurants, does anyone else notice the hypocrisy on both sides? If any private business has the right to refuse service, does our country reserve the same right? Too often the moniker “we” is tossed around on very simple platforms. We this and we that, whatever happened to “I”? Whenever anyone decrees “we”, I wonder how many are willing to forsake their individuality for what is perceived in the moment to be the “greater good”. “We” would mean in these instances that “we” demand that all of the tax dollars only go to our interests, regardless of the differing ideologies on both sides. The problem is “we” are all taxed, yet “we” and “I” have zero say in what our money is spent on. Demonstrate all you want, but just remember, that the taxes “we” pay, pay the salaries of ALL elected representatives. Oh, and by the way, our money is merely promissory notes from our government, they took all the silver and gold a long time ago. Once they took our gold and silver, they issued us promissory notes, and those promissory notes keep on getting tossed back and forth. They took our money and now the “I.O.U.s” that they issued us, have been spent against us.

The next time you hear the word “we” being tossed around as the good idea fairies aim to destroy the other side, remember, “we” no longer exist, “we” have no real money, so “we” have no real power. So, what was that interest rate you were just approved for? Instead of “we”, perhaps do something yourself, maybe your example will garner followers, demanding “we” only requires that others give up their rights, for “we”.

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