Forgive, and Let Live

What to do when you feel that one or many of your family members may be racist, sexist, or any other number of ists, ics, etc. Recently, a somewhat popular show was pulled off the air, due to the commentary of the main star, context was not queried, only outrage on many sides. Outrage over the comments and outrage over the cancelation. What happened next was reminiscent of late, other stars and shows that were pulled completely, for ambiguous reasons. The majority of these television shows were satire that took place in a family setting, actors playing parents, grandparents and their kids. So, like we are always told, “life imitates art”, although, art is subjective. Now that television has shown us how to interact with our own family members, we know that no matter what, the minute a family member crosses the line, they are to be stricken from our lives. No number of apologies will heal the assault, that didn’t happen directly to us. We were mere bystanders, however; if we do not distance ourselves from this slander, then we may be caught up in it.

On your way home from summer school for the Independence Day weekend? Well, have no fear, you’ve been trained to rescue yourself from the actions that may offend. No matter what, you must ostracize the family members that are bullies. Who cares what they’ve done for you as a child up until this point in your life, they just said something off color. Besides, you no longer need your family by your side, there are plenty of professors that would love to take you under their wing and guide you along the next few years of your life, as long as your checks don’t bounce!

Whenever these actors are cut off from the very actors that they helped along the way, I wonder, will the spin off show really be that good? Television and movies aside, too often we condemn, when we ourselves desire forgiveness. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, you have to pace yourself. You don’t know what lies ahead, or if you will need help along the path. Once you put your blinders on and ignore those around you asking for help in their time of need, there is a very good chance that you may be ignored as well, only your life or livelihood may depend on it. Forgive and let live, you never know who or what you may encounter, the more backup you have the better your odds of overcoming what may seem impossible.

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