We Ain’t Doing S***

The border and restaurants, does anyone else notice the hypocrisy on both sides? If any private business has the right to refuse service, does our country reserve the same right? Too often the moniker “we” is tossed around on very simple platforms. We this and we that, whatever happened to “I”? Whenever anyone decrees “we”, I wonder how many are willing to forsake their individuality for what is perceived in the moment to be the “greater good”. “We” would mean in these instances that “we” demand that all of the tax dollars only go to our interests, regardless of the differing ideologies on both sides. The problem is “we” are all taxed, yet “we” and “I” have zero say in what our money is spent on. Demonstrate all you want, but just remember, that the taxes “we” pay, pay the salaries of ALL elected representatives. Oh, and by the way, our money is merely promissory notes from our government, they took all the silver and gold a long time ago. Once they took our gold and silver, they issued us promissory notes, and those promissory notes keep on getting tossed back and forth. They took our money and now the “I.O.U.s” that they issued us, have been spent against us.

The next time you hear the word “we” being tossed around as the good idea fairies aim to destroy the other side, remember, “we” no longer exist, “we” have no real money, so “we” have no real power. So, what was that interest rate you were just approved for? Instead of “we”, perhaps do something yourself, maybe your example will garner followers, demanding “we” only requires that others give up their rights, for “we”.

Pollsters and the Media

The last U.S. President and the last election cycle should have solidified our idea of honest reporting and unbiased pollsters. I believe it did, so much so that neither have recovered yet. If they expect me to even trust a fraction of what they are reporting, then they must execute the same criticism on all parties, and all administrations. When President Obama was in office, we were constantly lectured on any criticism or doubt of his authenticity was racist. During President Trump’s term so far, we are continually lectured on how he is the very definition of every slander in the book and then some. The polls, I don’t know how they are still in business since their 2016 catastrophic defeat. The polls and the news got everything wrong. Used to be the weather forecast was the only aspect of local and national news that was always prefaced with the caveat of “possibility”. However; since the favored candidate of the pollsters and the “news” lost the 2016 election, instead of attempting to publish the truth, all they do is continue to dig their own “graves”.

I do not trust any news, right or left, the polls are slanted and have been for generations. Both have been weaponized to not only intimidate, but also challenge our values and beliefs. We pay taxes and we are United States citizens, these two simple facts outweigh all of the spin and misinformation that they throw at us, in an attempt to confuse and sway our votes. The media, in chorus with the “swamp” only wish to see us enslaved on their every word and their opinion pieces. Neither mirror the population, and neither care. All they desire is their influence and power respected, without question.

Instead of voting online, we must demand our right to vote be upheld. We must vote, physically in person at the designated voting booth in our locality. The internet is no place to vote, if our votes become cyber, then how will we know that our vote counted? The paper vote, is just as powerful as our feet and money. The media and the pollsters want our vote to be virtual, in the cyber world, it is much easier to avoid transparency. If the Chinese and other hackers can defeat our supercomputers, then what makes us think that our solemn vote will be safe?

The current pollsters and the media are the enemies of our free society, go against either and they will vandalize your permanent record as a deplorable, low information or an enemy of the state. They will do everything in their power to delegitimize your vote. They are the illegitimate freeloaders that deprive the rest of us of the oxygen that they steal to lie and cause panic.

Question everything, do not believe what you are told. If you cannot prove it for yourself, then more than likely it is propaganda and psychological warfare.

A President or a King?

With the recent events down at the southern U.S. border, it seems that President Trump is the evil, maniacal bastard that enjoys ripping children from the loving arms of their parents. Meanwhile, back in the house and senate, it seems that business is happening as usual, meaning no one is there. Whatever happens at the border, it must be law, without a law an executive order only lasts the term of the incumbent. An executive order is easily undone with a new President. If congress wants to sit on their hands and blame trump, they are more than able to do just that, nothing. There is no ownership in government, only finger pointing and blame shifting. Yet, we wonder why nothing ever gets done or fixed, and we keep on voting for the same carpet baggers every time. Why, because we are lazy and we are easily fooled into always blaming the other side. While we are out here fighting amongst ourselves, the “fat cats” up in D.C. and all 50 state capitals are sitting back, counting their money.

A king can decree edicts, a United States President can only enact what passes the house first and then the senate. Instead of our elected leaders demonstrating, filibustering and appearing on “news and entertainment” shows, children are being separated from their families. So, again, what is it we desire, to be ruled by a king or do we vote for what we believe in, do we vote for a person or do we vote for action? If our president rules via executive order, then why do we need the other two branches of government? If our government is deadlocked, then perhaps the wrong people have been elected on both sides. Regardless of your political affiliation, if action is what you desire then action is what you should demand from your elected representatives. If your representatives cannot fix it, then why should the president? They only do what we make them do.

The Value of a Dollar

Immigrants, living wage and the rest of us. Do we really know and understand the value of a dollar anymore, or do we just go from creditor to creditor, hoping that we can constantly maintain the juggling act of keeping up with the Jones’s? Petitioning for a $15.00 minimum wage and attempting to constantly make the federal government dictate what we can be minimally compensated. Prior to the government having a say in what is fair, people seemed to work harder and save more for what they needed and wanted. I think that we as a nation have forgotten the notion of making our own way in the world. It seems that only American citizens demonstrate for the $15.00 minimum wage hike, meanwhile immigrants both legal and illegal, continue to go to work for any wage. Are we really that spoiled in our desires? Have we truly forgotten what it takes to make it in this world? Interest rates are always discussed to signify trust and reliability. Instead of buying things, all we must do now is qualify for a great rate and only a lifetime of payments makes it ours, one day. We all must take out loans, but it’s the frequency, length and amount that makes it harder and harder to make ends meet when every payday all you do is make payments to your creditors.

Hubris makes up the majority of the debt and bankruptcy in our country today. The idea that you must be paid at a certain rate or that you will only do certain jobs make it easier and easier for companies and corporations to “only hire the best and brightest” when it comes to flipping burgers. With our failing infrastructure, roads and bridges, there is plenty of work to go around and plenty of money to be made. However; if you will only work for a certain wage or higher, your job prospects just got that much smaller and much more competitive. The value of a dollar has been replaced with your trust and history of paying off your loans. Without credit, money is much more valuable. Those who live debt free, are a fraction of the population, much like a virgin wedding, what used to be normal and accepted has become highly desired and sought out.

We rush to trash our innocence as children, just as we apply for loans from our smart phones. Whatever it takes to get the latest and greatest. If more Americans were willing to work, more willing to prove their reliability and fidelity, then that would be what determines who gets paid what. If you’re not willing to prove yourself in any endeavor, then why should you be compensated at a higher rate? There is no need to turn up your nose at what your hubris tells you is beneath your consideration. The more you prove your worth, the more you will be compensated. All you have to do is show up on time everyday and do what your told, with a smile on your face and intestinal fortitude propelling you along your way.

Children no longer work in the summertime, so why would their parents do whatever it takes to take care of their families. Homelessness is not an indicator of economics. If you want a job, then you must be willing to work.

Baby Killers

When the troops returned from Vietnam, they were met with vitriol, malice and terrorism. They were spit on, called “baby killers” assaulted and accosted. The veterans of Vietnam were slandered back then and even today. Why else would the idea of a Vietnam veteran conjure up images of an alcoholic, drug addicted, homeless miscreant? The criminals back then were the hippies, the politicians were their slaves, and the idea that the cultural and sexual “revolution” of the time was worth more than the Americans returning from a war. Those hippies have become the leaders, shareholders and stakeholders of today. Universities, academies and schools now churn out the same message to our children. Their ideology is the west is horrible, they spew lies about the west ruining poorer countries. They also refer to our founders as conquerors and the natives as the victims of white genocide and violence. They refer to us as xenophobes and every other ism, ic or slander they can create to label us the criminals of the world.

Funny how the term “baby killer” has been now used against those same hippies of yesteryear. If you refer to someone as a baby killer now, more often than not you are speaking of abortion. Abortion, however; with their supporters refers to mental gymnastics, litigation, legislation and “science” only translates to “cells” which in fact are living. When they hear the term “baby killer” suddenly, they seek to hide from the “right”. They say that it is a woman’s right to receive an abortion, with no consideration for the infant, who has no voice, so in their mind, has no rights, much less the right to live.

They scream and shrill during history lessons, referring to their idea of a white genocide or white violence. Removing and killing the natives that inhabited the land. Yet the Cherokee, killed off the other tribes to conquer their land, and so on and so on. They are conquering us, through our children. They kill their unborn children and they attempt to brainwash our children. They cannot succeed on their own merits, they are vampires that jump from host to host, only to continue their gruesome feeding frenzy.

Perhaps the Native Americans were xenophobes, by the logic of today. The same people who spit on our returning service member are now legislating tax funded baby killings. So, who were and who are the true baby killers?

Colors and Classes Versus Penises and Vaginas

The difference between colors/classes and penises/vaginas has been weaponized to divide us into separate containers which makes it easier to store us in an organized manner and use us as tools to win in everything from elections to businesses. You are either a man or a woman, the defining factor which is easily seen are the penis or the vagina. The X and the Y chromosome will differentiate between the two while the baby grows in the womb. Very cut and dry and incredibly impactful on the life of every person in the world from conception to birth until death.

Colors and classes are man-made attempts at synthetic differences that empower the “organizers” to convince us that we are different and we must be mortal enemies. Like in the “Highlander” movies, they always cry out, “There can be only one”. The classes in America have been simplified and categorized into the following: below/poverty level, middle class and rich. The funny thing is that in America, all of these classes seem to have the same “staples” of American/First World gadgets and tools. From smart phones to flat screen televisions, automobiles and the internet. If the class system was an accurate representation of what is real and defining, then it would seem that many would not have the “toys” that everyone else has. We have become enamored and obsessed to own what our neighbors own.

The price of cars, homes and phones has risen drastically in the past decade.  The companies that produce these gadgets and machines know that regardless of price, their product will sell. Trucks used to be utilitarian, now they are luxurious. Phones used to be boring, now they are highly desired and priced according to the interest that they generate, etc. etc. etc. The list of materials has grown and their price tag has grown as well. The class ideology is a farce, meant to confuse and provide a false sense of intelligence whenever someone regurgitates the same talking points, decade after decade.

The difference in color is only that, some are black, others are white, brown and yellow. If we chose to follow the trail of breadcrumbs into the sea, we will all drown in our own despair and hate for one another. The companionship between a man and a woman is what plants love and enables us to continue on. Love like justice should be practiced blindly. It’s the only honest aspect that can bring us together in a holistic approach.

We are our own worst enemy, if we refuse to go throughout our day in a conscious state, we will be the end of what our ancestors worked so hard to create for us today.

Fruit Cup

From “epidemics” to delicacies, as societies and peoples separated by location, but also by climate, do we really know what we have been changing only in recent times? No matter what you see, we are always lectured about the current “epidemics” that plague our society. From autism, to suicide, obesity and diabetes, “gun” violence and sexual harassment, etc. etc. etc. These first world problems keep holding us back from true happiness, but then again, how can anyone measure happiness? When my father took me on my first squirrel hunting trip, I remember, he told me that we only eat squirrel after the first frost. If we were to eat them prior to the first frost, the probability of finding worms in the body was very likely. If we found worms when we were skinning the squirrels, we would throw them away. We respect all of the animals we hunted and ate, tossing the carcass is disrespect. Like fruit, vegetables and many other foods and animals, there is a science behind the seasons of when they are appropriate and safe to eat. Yet for some reason, we demand what we want, regardless of the season.

Clementines used to be a winter delicacy, the majority of our fruits, vegetables and meats came from within our own region. There were a few exotic foods, but they were usually in very short supply or a special order for a specific customer. Things such as bananas, mangos, avocados, and many others that today have become staples, used to be special and appreciated. The Hawaiian Islands, have become a breeding ground for diabetes and obesity as has much of if not all first world countries. I wonder, with our differing DNA and ancestry, if our bodies are different based on where our ancestors came from? Take for instance, Central America, bananas, cocoa beans and mangos grow there naturally, they have for thousands of years. The people from those lands have been eating those foods for a millennium, yet for us, they only have been introduced to the general public in recent times. Pineapple from Hawaii, at one time was considered special and exotic, but now you can find it at 2:00 a.m. at your local Walmart.

There seem to be all of these epidemics as of late. Real injury and illness is now being roped in with self-inflicted ailments such as opioids, depression and whatever else can be labeled in an effort for more tax funded research. Truly, only within the past 80 years has this “experiment” begun on the human race. Can we eat all of these foods from faraway lands on a daily basis, with no risk of adverse side effects? Why have the delicacies of the past years suddenly become everyday dishes? If you listen to the “news” people everywhere are “unhappy” or depressed, with all of this excess in everyday living, how can anyone be unhappy? Suicide awareness has been brought to the forefront again, well ever since another celebrity offed themselves. Possibly we are lost with all of our wants met, while we forget how to sustain our needs. Fruits and vegetables, but from where and how long did they travel to get to my stomach? Homemade applesauce has been replaced with cooperate fruit cup, what’s with all of the ingredients?

There was a time when your grandmother or grandfather knew a home remedy to cure what ailed you. But, once we threw them in the “retirement” community, we haven’t heard from them since. Meanwhile, we have attempted to replace our small community with the global community and now we keep on running into these “roadblocks”, maybe we forgot how to take care of our own. The passive aggressive nature of fixing the world or making the world a better place is a mere silent coup against you and me.